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Safety and Security
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Nursery Reputation

As a parent choosing a day nursery for your child, your top concerns will be safety and how well your child is being looked after.

The reputation of a nursery is critical in this, but how can you be sure from visiting nurseries, reading about them or even from word of mouth that what you hear is true?  They all say that they meet OFSTED's standards but how can you be sure they do all the time?  It is no surpirse that worry and guilt are common feelings among parents with children at nursery.

Teletoddler removes this worry.

Proud of their Standards

With Teletoddler, you can be confident that the standard of care you are expecting from your nursery is the standard that is being given - because if the nurery is allowing you to check up on them absolutely whenever you like, simply by dropping in over the web, they must be proud of their standards.

Resolving an Incident

In the event of an accident involving your child, you can ask the nursery manager to show you a picture of exactly what happened and (hopefully) put your mind at rest.

Improved Security

Most importantly, Teletoddler improves the overall security of a nursery.  Where fitted, cameras monitor inside and out, meaning that your child is better protected from external threats.

If your child is already in a nursery but it hasn't got Teletoddler, why not suggest it?

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